Protect Alexandra Place from HS2 lorries

10 Apr

AlexandraPlaceLorryLocal residents are fighting to stop, or at least mitigate, Government plans to construct the High Speed 2 railway under Kilburn and South Hampstead. In particular, the construction of a vent shaft at the junction of Alexandra Place and Loudoun Road could be a nightmare, with up to 100 HGVs per day inching round and spewing out pollution.

Kilburn Liberal Democrats are working with SHOUT2, a local campaign group which put evidence to a committee of MPs about the negative consequences of HS2, including on air quality.

We are now calling on Camden Council to support SHOUT2 proposals to close Loudoun Road, and use it as a base for the construction lorries, rather than Alexandra Place. An independent air quality report commissioned by SHOUT2 concluded that using Loudoun Road for the HGV movements would have a much lesser impact on local residents in terms of nitrogen dioxide emissions.

Further, SHOUT2 have discovered that HS2 Ltd plan to erect a two storey Portakabin outside Alexandra Place estate, abutting the wall and blocking off the steps. This will block out light from bedrooms and living rooms for years. HS2 Ltd also plan to have ‘material’ dumped outside the (only) air intake for the offices in the basement of Alexandra Place.

Meanwhile, Historic England has recently granted listed status to the Loudoun Road housing, shops and craft workshops that HS2 Ltd want to demolish and replace with the vent shaft. This further highlights that the plan is flawed and needs to be rethought.

Kilburn Lib Dems continue to oppose the construction of HS2. But if MPs insist on spending billions on constructing HS2, we need to do all we can to reduce the impact on local residents. Alexandra Place is a narrow residential side street and should not be used as a construction site for HGVs.

It’s concerning that Camden Council has stayed silent about the SHOUT2 ideas for traffic management, if a vent shaft is imposed on Alexandra Place. Even HS2 Ltd told MPs that the Council would have a big say on this, so it’s about time they stood up for residents in our area.

Switching the construction site to Loudoun Road could at least contain the impact on hundreds of residents who live in Robert Morton House, Dinerman Court and Alexandra Place, and those who use this entrance to Rowley Way.

I’ve set up an online petition calling on Camden Council to work with HS2 Ltd to agree alternative traffic management proposals, which do not involve HGVs using Alexandra Place as a construction site.

You can sign the petition here or email me on if you agree.


2 Responses to “Protect Alexandra Place from HS2 lorries”

  1. Al September 23, 2017 at 10:38 pm #

    Are there any updates regarding this issue?


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