Come on Camden Council – clean up Kilburn!

13 Oct

Kingsgate Place fly tippingThis sorry picture just about sums it for me. Kilburn has a big problem with fly-tipping and litter while Camden Council’s commitment to taking action disappears into the rubbish.

The picture was taken on my street – Kingsgate Place. Every weekend without fail this corner attracts TVs, white goods, furniture and so on. This adds to the overflowing and open rubbish bags that can be found at this spot all week long, making the street look untidy and attracting vermin.

I have repeatedly asked the Council to take action. Other local residents living in Kingsgate Place and the Kingsgate Estate and our local group KingsgateWatch regularly highlight the problem too, but so far it seems that the Council isn’t listening.

They should provide a large ‘Euro bin’ for the residents and traders at that grot-spot, to make it easier for them to dispose of their rubbish tidily. Given that this area is also suffering from anti-social behaviour problems, the Council might kill two birds with one stone if they installed a temporary CCTV camera to catch perpetrators.

There are many other rubbish and fly-tipping hot spots in Kilburn ward – Langtry Walk at the entrance to Rowley Way; the Birchington Road/Kilburn High Road junction; and Gascony Avenue at the junction with Smyrna Road; to name just three. There are similar problems in parts of West Hampstead and Fortune Green wards.

Yet when a resident asked how many fines or prosecutions have been taken forward by Camden Council under the Environment Protection Act 1990 (as featured in the sorry ‘No Dumping’ sign), in Kilburn ward over the last few years, he was told ZERO.

When I talk to my neighbours on the doorsteps the poor state of our streets comes up more than any other issue. No doubt the street cleaning budgets are under pressure because of the cuts but it seems that NW6 has been hit harder than other parts of Camden. The Council’s tinkering with the rubbish collection service hasn’t helped and many people have noted a reduction in the quality of service provided by the contractors over the last couple of years.

Come on Camden Council – it’s time to clean up Kilburn!


3 Responses to “Come on Camden Council – clean up Kilburn!”

  1. Martin Hayman October 30, 2013 at 5:08 pm #

    The Birchington Road flytip is in fact at the other end of the street, at the junction with Mutrix Rd. It is especially frustrating when the fallout from smalll-scale building works lands up here (tho the Camden Council does scoop it up regularly). Flytipping is a criminal offence and it would be cheering to see one or two of the more cynical offenders punished in court.

  2. Michael May 12, 2014 at 11:58 pm #

    By Kingsgate Place there used to be a big bin, but it has been removed by council. This happened more than two years ago and since then there was no alternative provided…
    How long is it gonna be like that for?
    Providing sufficient amount of bins throughout the ward are the basics of waste management…

    • jamesrobking May 13, 2014 at 8:00 am #

      I couldn’t agree more. I have been pushing for a big bin at that spot for over a year now, to make it easier for local residents to dispose of their waste responsibly, and to stop the pile of rubbish attracting fly-tipping. The Council did say that they were going to put a bin there again on a trial basis, so I have just asked for an update on when that’s going to happen.

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