Why I’m standing in Hampstead & Kilburn

23 Jun

James Grange parkI am putting my name forward to be the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate in Hampstead and Kilburn at the next general election.

For me, politics has always been about talking to people on the doorstep and working hard to champion and address their concerns.  The national issues that get raised time and again are getting growth back in the economy, job opportunities, making work pay and sorting out the deficit as fairly as possible.

People also want high quality, local public services, particularly places in well-run schools, community policing and affordable housing.  The Liberal Democrats in Government are focused on these issues and they are the goals that would drive me as a candidate and prospective MP.

Hampstead & Kilburn is one of the most diverse constituencies in the country.  I am proud to live here and I love this area.  It needs a representative in Parliament who is in touch and can make a connection with different types of people.  My home is in the heart of the constituency, overlooking the Kilburn High Road on the Brent/Camden border, and I have lived in West Hampstead and Kilburn for over a decade.

I have a track record of getting involved in community groups and taking on positions of responsibility to support local public services.  Over the last few years, I have served as a Kilburn ward councillor and Cabinet Member on Camden Council, been a school governor and a member of the Board of a local NHS Trust.  More details on my community activities can be found below.

I am an economist, currently work on financial services regulation in the City, and have professional experience of consumer issues, legal services regulation and pensions policy.  I have lots of ideas about the big national issues including the economy, crime, housing and Britain’s future in Europe.

Campaigning is my passion and I love taking up the causes of those who need a helping hand in challenging those in positions of power.  You can find a summary of my current local and national campaigns below.

I believe that Liberal Democrats have the values, policies and commitment to provide solutions to the issues of the day and the challenges of the future.  The Lib Dems in Hampstead & Kilburn have a great team of local councillors and campaigners, and a good story to tell about the work we do across the whole of the constituency.

We could do even more if we had a Lib Dem MP in Westminster, fighting for a stronger economy and fairer society, and providing local leadership for this area.  It will be a hard fight but I believe the Lib Dems can win and I am up for the challenge which is why I am seeking to be a candidate in 2015.

If you want to find out more about my campaign please contact me on jamesrobking@gmail.com

A record of community action

–        I am a Vice Chair of Governors at Kingsgate Primary School in Kilburn, where I have seen the benefits of the Lib Dem pupil premium policy in action

–        As Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Housing Services in Camden from 2008-10, I prioritised action to tackle anti-social behaviour on council estates

–        Previously a Board member of Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust, I understand the importance of high quality mental health services

–        I helped set up the local credit union to offer good value savings and loans to Hampstead & Kilburn residents

Current local and national campaignsJames petition

–        Organising and promoting a petition against the planned closure of Kilburn’s Citizens Advice Bureau

–        Standing up for community policing and opposing the Tory Mayor’s dismantling of ward-based Safer Neighbourhood Teams

–        Setting out ideas for improving the Kilburn High Road for residents and shoppers, and highlighting the need for an MP to knock heads together in Brent and Camden

–        Calling for a major programme of new social housing building to be central to the Lib Dem platform in 2015

–        Arguing Lib Dems should take on UKIP, and make the case for Britain’s membership of the European Union: more jobs, fighting international crime and addressing climate change


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