Standing up for Kilburn CAB

10 Jun

Kilburn CAB petitionI have written earlier about the forthcoming loss of the Citizens Advice Bureau on the Kilburn High Road. Well, at the suggestion of a local resident and user of the CAB, Kilburn Lib Dems have put together a petition against the loss of this valuable face-to-face advice service.  The petition says:

We regret the planned closure of the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) on Kilburn High Road, after 40 years of service to local residents.  We note this follows a 40% cut in Camden Council’s grant, yet coincides with the opening of a new CAB premises in the Regents Park area provided by the Council.  We urge Camden Council and Camden Citizens Advice to work together to ensure that an alternative premises is provided in the Kilburn/West Hampstead area.  

Kilburn Lib Dems were out collecting signatures on the Kilburn High Road and in Kilburn Grange Park the other day (see picture of myself and Janet Grauberg above).  Very few residents were aware that the CAB is to close its doors but lots of people signed the petition, because they have used its services, or know somebody else who has.  Some people took copies of the petition away to get friends and neighbours to sign.  If you want to sign contact me on or you can do so online via

Many people are surprised that the Council is providing a new premises for a new CAB in Regents Park at the same time that the Kilburn CAB is to be shut.  Given that many users of the Kilburn CAB are on very low incomes, it isn’t realistic to expect them to pay for transport to Regents Park, or one of the other offices in Kentish Town or Holborn, on the other side of Camden.

Ironically, I have discovered that Camden Labour promised to ‘stand up’ for Kilburn CAB in this pre-election press release from 2010:  I haven’t seen much evidence of the Labour MP and councillors standing up for the Kilburn CAB now it is closing under their watch.  Perhaps Glenda Jackson will sign the petition?


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